Let’s watch the Saints Row: The Third launch trailer

We won’t hold hands or anything, just hang out platonically and watch a guy try to drive a car while a tiger swipes at his face.

Did you know that there are games other than Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3 coming out at the moment? No really, it’s true and has something to do with it being that time of the year; otherwise affectionately named the “oh my God publishers, think of my wallet” time of the year. I’m convinced gamers have a love-hate relationship with the months of October and November.

THQ’s brazen take on the GTA clone is about to see its third release in the franchise. The game lands this Friday (18 November) and brings with it dildo bats, manic Japanese inspired cartoon cats, lucha libre masks and (my personal favourite) a car that has a human canon strapped to its roof. Or is it the octopus gun that’s my favourite? I can’t remember; either way the game looks amazeballs and has been getting some seriously good looking review scores.

Watch! Watch and be blown away by the sheer WTF-ishness of the whole package.