Let’s watch the first Max Payne 3 gameplay video together

We won’t hold hands or anything, just hang out platonically and watch Max perform a ballet of gratuitously violent gunplay.

Also: sweet merciful chipmunks, just look at this game! Talk about shooting straight back up to the top of my “Want!” list. Rockstar Games has put together a five episode series on the technology and game mechanics of upcoming Max Payne 3. The first one, “Crafting a Cutting Edge Action-Shooter”, introduces us to the game in general and gives us a first look at actual gameplay. It is looking amazing.

Each bullet in the game is rendered in real-time, which makes the game’s signature Bullet Time a treat to behold. The first two Max Payne games introduced unbelievable cinematic gameplay for their time, and the third instalment is definitely not skimping on the eye candy. Using the Euphoria physics engine (the same one used by Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption) means that enemies react to everything (bullets, explosions, gravity) in such a realistic way that it borders on the uncanny.

If you haven’t played the original Max Payne games then get to it; they’re both on Steam and they’re both dirt cheap. While the first one looks a little dated, the second can still hold its own. Not that looks should concern you with this franchise, because the gameplay is just top-notch.