Modern Warfare 3 breaks sales records, people act surprised

In the weeks leading up to Modern Warfare 3’s release, you didn’t have to look hard to find seeds of discontent amongst the interweb citizens. Opinionated gamers were moaning about how the franchise was getting milked to death, how there was no innovation, how they were totally going to boycott the game because Battlefield 3 was better. Blah blah oh hey, look: Modern Warfare 3 still sold a bajillion copies.

Publisher Activision has announced that the third instalment in the Modern Warfare franchise has grossed $775 million in the first five days of its release. That’s $125 million more than Black Ops managed in the same amount of time. This officially makes Call of Duty the first entertainment franchise in history to break sales records for three consecutive years. In total, the Call of Duty games have raked in more than $6 billion in lifetime sales.

Sticking with crazy numbers, Microsoft confirmed that 3.3 million people logged in to Xbox Live on the release date to hit up Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer. Within twenty four hours of the game being out, Microsoft says more than 7 million individual hours of online play was racked up.

Yeah, the Modern Warfare franchise is such a dead duck; no idea why Activision continues to churn out the games.


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