This is somewhat awkward: Gamespot UK has been doing some sneaky investigative journalism and have revealed that employees from Telltale Games have been boosting user reviews for Jurassic Park: The Game over on Metacritic. Four “reviews” were written; each one garnering 100% scores to Telltale’s latest game.

Gamespot, smelling a rat, did some Google searches and LinkedIn snooping, and found proof that the usernames tied to the favourable “reviews” belonged to various individuals who worked on the game. At no point in the “reviews” did the employees disclose who they worked for.

Telltale has issued a response that basically says something along the lines of freedom of speech and not wanting to “censor or muzzle its employees”. They also claimed that anybody could have searched the way Gamespot had searched, so there’s no big deal, right? Wrong! That’s just a crappy excuse, Telltale. No amounts of perfect scores will help the game’s current user rating however, as it sits at a sterling 2.8.

Source: Gamespot 

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