Fan-made Halo miniseries fills a gap

Oh Internet, how I absolutely adore you. One of the best things about Lady Internet is that she’s a willing recipient for all manner of fan-made offerings. (I like to think the internet is female – multitasking and all; not to mention how it can destroy entire companies, individuals or small countries if you piss it off enough.)

It doesn’t really matter that not too long ago, some famous bloke who made a bunch of movies about hobbits and rings and stuff was planning a film based on Halo. It doesn’t matter that that project went belly-up and fans of the game cried quietly in their rooms. You see, for every failed game-to-movie project, there are billions of talented individuals willing to try their hand at filling the void.

Enter web-based miniseries Helljumper, a fan-made Halo series that’s based on a short story set in the game’s universe. It’s looking pretty damn good and you can expect to see the finished product popping up in January next year.