Minecon introduced Minecraft for Xbox 360

This is a scientific law of the gaming industry: the more your intellectual property rocks the socks, the likelihood of you having to host an elaborate, two-day convention for it increases exponentially. There are loads already like Blizzcon, Quakecon, that other con that’s for Call of Duty but isn’t actually called “CODcon” – it’s just a matter of time until we have an AngryBirdsCon.

Mojang’s blocky time sink has proven so successful that the abovementioned scientific law made them obliged to put on a convention. That convention was last weekend, and on top of the game’s designer “Notch” literally throwing a switch to make the final game go live, the world got a glimpse of what Minecraft will be like on Xbox 360. It was announced some time ago, but this was the first look at the console version.

Everything still looks the same, but according to a Microsoft fact sheet the crafting interface has seen an overhaul. Furthermore the game will be more accessible to newcomers. Hit the jump for some important sounding quotations as well as the first trailer for the Xbox 360 version.

“A streamlined interface opens at the press of a button, and players can choose from several categories of items to create. Minecraft on Xbox 360 explains what each object is, what it does and what is required for building so players new to the world of Minecraft can get into the action right away. Minecraft on Xbox 360 removes the barriers between you and your creativity!”

See that exclamation mark? That means we’re all supposed to be excited. I think I am! But that might be my Achievement Whore talking.


Source: Kotaku