Jak & Daxter Collection gets a hyperactive trailer

Because nostalgia is one of the cornerstones of the gaming industry’s cash-flow model, Sony has another “HD-Remake/HD-Collection” package heading our way. Sure this was leaked via an ESRB rating a while ago (seriously, if publishers don’t want people to know about impending releases, then gag the ESRB already) but this is the first official squiz we’ve had.

If you missed out on Sony’s previous console outing, then you missed out on a butt-load of quality PlayStation 2 titles. One such series was the Jak & Daxter franchise from Naughty Dog. Before they were making eye-poppingly amazing Uncharted games on the PlayStation 3, they were making eye-poppingly amazing platform games on the PlayStation 2. Those games followed the adventures Jak and his ottsel (half otter, half weasel) sidekick Daxter.

The Jak & Daxter Collection is landing early next year and features all three games (no port of the PSP spin-off Daxter or any of the cart-racing games) remastered in 720P. As is the norm, the whole package will be crammed onto one Blu-ray Disc and will feature 3D TV support and Trophies. Check out the debut trailer after the jump.