Is that stiflingly depressing Max Payne theme tune playing in head your head yet? No? Get it going then; I’m making it an obligation for every Max Payne post we do between now and March 2012. Need a memory jolt? Go here.

Oh hi! Are we all suitably emo now? Rockstar has announced a good looking Special Edition for next year’s Max Payne 3. Unfortunately the odds of it appearing on our shores are somewhat slim, as at present it’s only available as a pre-order at selected online retailers. Those retailers are the likes of GameStop and Amazon, and from the sounds of the press release, Rockstar has been extra picky in deciding who gets to sell this Want!-inducing version.

So what’s inside? Full details and juicy picture after the jump.

There’s a copy of the game obviously, but a ton of other stuff like a 10-inch Max statute (sporting an extra stylish suit and signature duel-pistols; it only loses points because he’s not overweight and bald). On top of that you get the obligatory “Still Life Art Prints” postcards, the game’s sound track (so you can cram it on your iPod and be emo wherever you go), multiplayer weapons pack and character pack, which features the lovely Mon Sax from previous games. You also get a bullet pendant that you can unscrew to store all sorts of, ummm, cocaine-like substances I guess; the game is set in South America after all.

Click to embiggen... a lot.

As lovely as this all looks, I’m not holding my breath that we’ll see it locally, which bums me out. See? I knew there was a reason we all had to have the depressing theme tune in our heads while we read this.

Source: Rockstar Games

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