Turns out Bethesda had every right to take five years to make The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Somebody posting on Tumblr has found a pathway in the south-eastern mountains of Skyrim, which leads to an archway. That archway looks out in the direction of where the province of Morrowind would be, and it turns out that it’s actually there. You can even see Vvardenfell and the volcano in the distance. Of course, you can’t actually walk through that archway because the game has an invisible barrier. Nothing the no-clip console command doesn’t fix though!

Upon flying through that archway it turns out that Bethesda has made the entire Morrowind land mass, but in very basic detail. There are very limited textures and no immediately identifiable cities, but Morrowind is there. Travelling south of Skyrim takes you into Cyrodiil, the province that Oblivion was set in. That’s there too, but again is in very limited detail.

So the obvious question is why is this all here? Has Bethesda included the basics so that they can add expansion packs into the neighbouring provinces? Are they just there to make the Skyrim in-game map more detailed (despite not being able to actually see those areas due to camera angles)? Are they there for the modding community to run wild with? Who knows, but it’s damn cool knowing that the other provinces really are just over those mountains.

Source: Tumblr
Via: Destructoid

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