Pretty damn well considering the initial launch was a little shaky. The demand for the COD multiplayer enhancing service was so overwhelming that the servers just couldn’t cope with the load. They’re still not exactly coping, but things are improving and Activision has given those who have signed up for a year an additional month of membership as compensation.

Call f Duty Elite is kind of like a COD multiplayer Facebook service – I guess that’s one way of looking at it. A bog-standard edition is free for all, but if you want all the service has to offer then you have to pay for a subscription. A year’s subscription costs $50, which is more or less what you pay for the game as well.

Despite the initial moaning and groaning about not wanting to pay for a COD multiplayer enhancer, more than one million people have paid for a year’s subscription since Modern Warfare 3 launched on 08 November. Obviously those players who ordinarily pick up all of the multiplayer DLC score, because all future DLC is included in that price. There are currently more than four million players registered for Elite. It’s also worth noting that it took Netflix more than a year to reach the same amount of people on Xbox Live. Just goes to show the power Activision has over the gaming market – let’s hope they don’t decide to expand the Elite service further by charging for actual multiplayer in the future.


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