For a while now, lucky Xbox 360 users have been participating in the beta testing program for upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update. King of all things Xbox himself, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, announced via his blog that the impending release for everyone else to get their sticky fingers on the update, will be Tuesday 6 December.

The update will add a couple of neat features including cloud-based storage for all your saved games and Xbox Live profile. This added feature is particularly welcomed, especially after having once lost every save game of mine thanks to RRODing consoles.

Further additions include advancements to Facebook integration, and the ability to set Beacons while online. Beacons will allow you to broadcast a message to friends telling them that you want to play a particular game online. You can then carry on doing whatever else you want to on your Xbox, and you’ll be notified when a friend responds to the Beacon. Kinect will also see deeper integration with “voice and gesture controls across the dashboard and in apps”.

Source: Major Nelson

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