Looks like we’re getting another Dante’s Inferno

Internet super-detective Superannuation has spied a not-so-subtle hint over on writer Joshua Rubin’s bio page. Rubin’s page lists his previous work, and one particular entry says he was “the sole writer for a Major Unannounced Sequel from Visceral Studios at EA Games.”

Apart from Dante’s Inferno, Visceral Studios has worked on the Dead Space franchise for publisher Electronic Arts. We’ve just had Dead Space 2 so it’s unlikely a third would be hinted at already. So what makes this hint point to none other than Dante’s Inferno 2? Well, the fact that Rubin’s bio page links to a Dante’s Inferno trailer straight after the sentence quoted above. Man that’s subtle!

The original Dante’s Inferno didn’t exactly receive unanimous praise, but then again neither did the first Assassin’s Creed and now look at the franchise. Still, the first game will probably go down as one of the boldest projects in terms of character and level design. The game’s environments and enemies were absolutely horrific. Despite the mediocre gameplay, I was compelled to progress through the story just so I could see what the design team at Visceral had cooked up for the deeper circles of hell. I’m still scarred by that Lust level and being attacked by slutty demons with labia tentacles. Yeah I’m totally up for a sequel – let’s hope this rumour proves true.

Source: Joystiq