PSA: Get all of Skyrim’s books on an eReader

There are hundreds of virtual books in Skyrim, and all of them are crammed with pieces of Elder Scrolls lore, snippets of adventure and locations of hidden treasures in the game world. I vaguely recall an interview with the game’s director Todd Howard in which he said there are literally thousands of pages of text in the game.

The good news is that a wonderfully considerate bloke, who goes by the handle Capaneus, has located all of the text files for the books in Skyrim. He’s collated them into a Kindle and eReader friendly file so you can get your literature-inclined Dovahkiin on while on the move.

Head over to his blog and pick your file format, pop it onto whichever eReader you own, and get reading. Oh and, as Capaneus points out, you really should own the game before you download the books. Just saying.

Via: Destructoid