Batman: Arkham City DLC swoops in

Downloadable content! Man that stuff gets everywhere. Like it or not, it makes publishers a truck load of money so it’s not going anywhere. Batman: Arkham City is about to get a helping of DLC that’ll land on 21 December 2011. What’ll it add? Challenge maps of course.

You’ll get to smash thugs’ faces in while flitting about the Bat Cave in this DLC, as tweeted by a Rocksteady rep. What’s more, the Challenge Map Pack will bring along the Iceberg Lounge and Joker’s Carnival maps; both of those were previously only available as retailer-specific DLC.

There’s been no mention of price as yet or whether or not this will be available on the newly released PC version of Arkham City. Still, the PC version uses Games For Windows Live so in theory it shouldn’t be too hard to add the DLC there as well – except for the fact that it’s on PC and so by definition you should have to wait at least a few extra weeks for it.

Source: Eurogamer

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