Yes, this again. For months now, there have been numerous rumours floating about that Sony is in the middle of developing their answer to Nintendo’s Smash Bros. fighting game franchise. The premise is simple: Sony takes a bunch of their first-party videogame characters, and lets them beat the living hell out of each other in a fighting game.

New information on the yet to be announced project has surfaced via website Paul Gale Network. The website claims to be in email contact with the development team working on the project, and also claims to know a ton of stuff that cannot be revealed as yet due to “privacy” concerns. Or something.

According to the latest rumour round-up, the team working on the game, which is code named Title Fight, is a studio called SuperBot Entertainment. A couple of photographs have surfaced of the work being done in the studio. None of them, except for possibly the Sweet Tooth picture above, really proves that the title is indeed in the works.

Amongst those characters rumoured to be in Title Fight include: Kratos, Nathan Drake, Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, Parrapa the Rappa (seriously?), Sly Cooper and Col. Radec from Killzone. The Paul Gale Network also makes mention that characters will be split into two types: light and heavy. Sweet Tooth is supposedly an example of a heavy character, whereas Kratos and Drake are both light characters. This obviously affects speed and move sets.

Sony is still refusing to comment on the project, but the folks at SuperBot Entertainment have been dropping numerous hints via Twitter, most of which have since been removed. One such hint pointed to Sony’s recent “Michael” advertising campaign as a “vague foreshadowing” of what SuperBot is busy working on.

For now, obviously, read this with your patented Rumour Filtered Glasses™ on. If it does turn out to be, you know, an actual thing, then I want Sackboy to make an appearance. Imagine him getting all kung-fu on Kratos and kicking the living crap out of him. Bless! It warms my heart.

Source: Paul Gale Network
Via: Kotaku

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