Console manufacturers must love Black Friday

“Black Friday” must strike both fear and consumer-driven anticipation into the hearts of millions of Americans. The day after Thanksgiving has become the one day out of the American calendar where all bets are off and it’s every shopper for him or herself. With stupidly low prices generating a literal scramble for shop displays and stock, console manufacturers like Nintendo and Microsoft must sit back in their overly plush leather office chairs and chuckle menacingly in the dark. They probably wring their hands and mutter “good… good” under their breath as well.

Nintendo sold half a million Wii consoles on Black Friday alone. Are there even that many people left who don’t own a Wii? On top of record setting one-day sales figures for the Wii, Nintendo also sold 535 000 copies of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which makes it the fastest selling Zelda game in the USA.

All of this, however, is nothing compared to Microsoft, which sold 800 000 Xbox 360 consoles on Black Friday and a further 160 000 throughout the Black Friday week. This makes the week of 21 – 27 November 2011 the biggest week of sales for Xbox 360 in the console’s history. The cream on top: the fact that they shifted 750 000 Kinect peripherals as well.

Source: Destructoid

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