Dead Space Everything coming soon?

Merchandising! Spin-offs! Expansions! This stuff keeps publishers afloat, or if they don’t need to be kept afloat, then it just makes them obscene amounts of money. The trick is finding an exploitable franchise with legions of adoring fans ready to devour anything that gets made. For case studies see: Star Wars and nearly any franchise featuring a prominent Nintendo mascot.

An Electronic Arts insider has told Kotaku that the publisher has cranked the Dead Space franchise dial up to “Full-Blown Cash Cow”. As such the third-person science fiction horror survival game (man that’s a mouthful) is being turned into, wait for it because you’re going to love this, a first-person shooter! Or so this insider will have you believe.

That’s not all though, because according to this same EA insider, there are plans to turn Dead Space into a spaceship simulator and a separate action adventure ala Uncharted. Oh God, make it stop!

This doesn’t mean that the yet to be announced (but oft rumoured and totally inevitable) Dead Space 3 isn’t going to happen. That’s probably still on and will apparently be the final episode in Isaac’s trilogy.

Obviously absolutely none of this is confirmed, but Dead Space has become a really big deal for EA so it’s not unlikely that they’d want to get as much mileage out of the franchise as possible. And genre spin-offs aren’t that bad, are they? The idea of a horror fuelled Uncharted-like game in space is kind of appealing. A space flight simulator, maybe not so much. For now though, file this under “R” for Rumour.

Source: Kotaku