Nintendo sells out, Bieber and Mariah Carey endorse 3DS

I was in two minds about sharing this; mainly from a public health hazard perspective really. It’s the beginning of December, which means that the western world is gearing up towards the holiest of commercially endorsed holidays: Christmas. It also means that America starts to pile on all sorts of Christmas specials and collaborative efforts to spread holiday cheer and goodwill and other lame stuff like that. Not that I’m being a Grinch or anything, it’s just that some of this stuff comes off as incredibly tacky.

Like this delightful example of Christmas capitalism! Maria Carey (of warbly R ‘n B fame) and Justin Bieber (of pretty much everything else fame) have collaborated to produce the most horrific “All I Want For Christmas” music video. The best thing is that Nintendo of America has thrown a ton of cash at the producers so as to secure some product placement for the 3DS. What makes it extra cringe-worthy is that it’s pretty much the only commercially available product that’s shown throughout the video, unless of course you count Mariah Carey prostituting herself as well, because honestly that’s what it looks like she’s doing.

Hit the jump for four minutes of unrelenting horrors and about six seconds of shameless capitalism at its finest. Apologies in advance for subjecting all of you to this.