Rumour: Team ICO boss has left Sony

Internal game studio Team ICO has reportedly lost its number one man as Fumito Ueda has supposedly left Sony. Ueda was the creative director and lead designer working on the now conspicuously absent PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last Guardian. He filled the same roles for PlayStation 2 masterpieces ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

According to sources reporting to website Eurogamer, Ueda has left Sony in order to pursue his own goals. Whether those goals are still game development related or not, has not been made clear. Hopefully he’ll be starting up a new company that’ll develop multiplatform titles in the future; that would be great news. He is still, if the rumour is true, working on The Last Guardian as a freelancer. It has been suggested that this is one of the reasons that The Last Guardian has been so long in development and repeatedly absent from gaming shows. It was originally revealed back at E3 2009 but failed to make an appearance at any of the big shows this year, TGS included.

Sony has issued the standard “we do not comment on rumours and speculation”.

Source: Eurogamer