BioWare Pulse talks ME3 melee combat and Collector’s Editions

It’s BioWare Pulse TV time again, so let’s all watch the team at BioWare tell us about their latest game in a pseudo TV program fashion. Is it just me or are these Pulse episodes beginning to feel a little contrived?

In the previous episode we got to look at the new multiplayer modes for Mass Effect 3. In this episode you’ll get a peak at what’s inside the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition. Don’t forget that this is the only edition of the game that will feature FemShep on the cover, so for those of you who prefer your space operas with a little more oestrogen, you might want to pick up the CE when it arrives.

Also detailed in the clip are the numerous new melee attacks and class-specific special moves. Shepard has a bunch of new take-downs at his/her disposal this time round, so for a good look at what to expect, hit the video below.