Half-Life 3 t-shirt spotted, internet freaks out

You know how we’ve all been waiting a trillion years for ANY news on Half-Life 2: Episode 3? And you know how Valve has given us nothing for the last five years? And you know how there’s this CONSTANT conspiracy theory that Episode 3 actually doesn’t exist and that Valve is just going to announce Half-Life 3 instead? Today is not that day, but it’s the closest we’ve ever been to it.

At a recent industry event held for developers from different studios, Chandana Ekanayake spotted a fellow developer wearing that t-shirt that you see in the header image. It gets better though because the bloke wearing the t-shirt is a developer from Valve.

Ekanayake (who works for Uber Entertainment – the team behind Monday Night Combat) chatted to the Valve employee regarding his t-shirt, but says that he got the impression that the “developer knew as much about Half-Life 3 as we do, which is absolutely nothing”.

You don’t need to have a really, really ridiculously high IQ to realise that this confirms nothing at all. It could just be that Valve is trolling the hell out of all of us, or that this employee is doing it without his company knowing about it. Either way, it’s highly unlikely that Valve will respond to this seeing how the clam-up at the mere mention of anything Half-Life related.

I’m not getting my hopes up at all, but part of me is fantasising about this being how Valve chooses to announce the game in a very low-key fashion (no pun intended). In my fantasy, this is just phase one; the next step we’ll all just suddenly see Half-Life 3 available on Steam. No announcements, no review copies, no hype… just bam! Here’s Half-Life 3.

Source: Kotaku