Hey PS3 users, you get a new exclusive

There’s this little game awards show called the VGAs – we might have mentioned once or twice. Developers and publishers like to show off new intellectual properties and upcoming games during the show. It’s obvious: the VGAs are broadcast on cable in the USA, and normally within hours of the show finishing, the entire shebang is available to download via your torrent portal of choice.

In order to maximise the exposure for your new game, you need to make sure as many people as possible tune in to watch the show. That’s why publishers like Electronic Arts and Microsoft have dropped subtle and not-so-subtle hints as to what to expect. Now it’s Sony’s turn.

There’s a new PlayStation 3 exclusive coming up called The Last of Us. The game will be (surprise!) revealed during the Spike TV Video Game Awards. There’s a teaser trailer after the jump; it doesn’t show actual gameplay but rather sets the tone for the title. You can check out the game’s homepage here.


Source: Game Informer