Multiple domains registered for Command & Conquer

A while back, an image from BioWare’s next game was published via Game Informer and accompanied by an announcement to watch the Spike TV Video Game Awards for a full reveal. The Spike TV VGAs are on 10 December, which is this Saturday, but there are people who have been scouring the internet for any new information regarding what BioWare is up to next.

Website Fusible has done some digging and found a list of recently registered domain names by Electronic Arts. All of the names mention or make reference to Command & Conquer: Alliance. Could it be that BioWare has been given control of the EA-owned Command & Conquer franchise?

There are fifteen domain registrations in total, and what’s interesting is that they cover nearly all of the Command & Conquer series spin-offs including Red Alert and Generals. There’s also mention of Tiberium in some of the domain names so really this next Command & Conquer could be set in any of the universes. Hit the jump for the full list.

These are the domain names registered by EA on 2 December 2011:

Now that it’s been mentioned, that first image of the next BioWare game could be from a Command & Conquer: Generals title. You’ve got desert in the background; a guy in civilian-like clothes that are green and browny yellow (the colours of the terrorist GLA forces); and you’ve got a car exploding that looks like it could have been an ordinary 4×4 fitted with weaponry, which again is something akin to the units from the GLA. It might be a bit of a stretch, but you can see the connections. The timing is also correct for a new Generals game, but whether or not this is BioWare’s new baby? Well, we’ll have to wait and see on Saturday.

Source: Fusible