Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski teases new IP

Epic has made some of the best titles of this current generation of consoles. They’ve also made some of the best PC games of years gone by! So when their public face, Cliffy B, gets up in front of cameras to tell gamers that there’s something new coming, people pay attention (and Epic fans squee a little inside).

Bleszinski  mentioned the news of an “entirely fresh new experience” during a promotional video for (wait for it) the Spike TV Video Game Awards show, which airs in the USA this coming Saturday. This means that we’ll have new IP or new game announcements coming from Electronic Arts and BioWare, Sony, Microsoft Games and now Epic Games as well.

Judging by the video clip, there’s absolutely zero to go on when it comes to guessing what this new Epic announcement might be. All we know is that it’s being made at the Epic studios in North Carolina. To add to the excitement, Spike TV’s Geoff Keighley mentioned that the announcement is a “surprise new franchise”. New Epic IP? Sounds good! You can check out the short announcement clip here.

Source: Kotaku