Recon report: 2upGamers Second Wave

What has 2,000 toes, 40 pizzas, and a surface temperature of approximately 5505°C? That would be the second floor of H.A.K. House on Bree Street in Cape Town on Friday, 2 December 2011. Or, more specifically, the 2upGamers Second Wave event and seriously, I’m not joking about the heat.

What a classy angle. Makes this photo look so pro.

If you’ve only just arrived from outer space or perhaps an alternate reality or maybe a time machine from a bleak, dystopian future where a despotic AI has taken control of the planet and you’re humanity’s last hope, 2upGamers is the hot-hot-hot new big thing from local go-getter gamers Glenn Alexander, Hylton Arendse, Ashley O’Neill, and Anthea O’Neill. Basically, on the first Friday of every month, 2upGamers throws a party and everybody’s invited. It’s kind of like one of those trendy teen movies, except with less adolescent existential angst and way more consoles, beer, and junk food.

Not pictured: a midget dance troupe.

This time around, there were presentations and swag dispensations from David Hecker of the Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts (who gave away two vouchers for the school’s game design courses, SCORE), El33tonline’s Wayne Trollip and Lisa Konigkramer who’d come over special all the way from Durban (with loads of games and gear, including a rad Mario mug I should have told lies for, no less), and Apex Interactive (Trine 2? Yes, please).

There was also a free and seemingly unlimited supply of that Monster Energy drink that should probably never be mixed with Jägermeister and that’s why I’m totally going to try it some time. Don’t ask me for my Hand Grenade recipe.

With the admin out of the way, everybody moved over to Mount Pizza and the gaming deck for the real business of the evening – guzzling free drinks and finding out who the Grease dance champ was. These two activities were mutually inclusive, and the results were predictably terrifying.

Make sure to keep up with what’s next up for 2upGamers by joining the official Facebook page and/or following them on Twitter. The 2upGamers 3rd Encounter is already scheduled for 20 January, with EA Asia Pacific community guy Brad Pigeon confirmed as a guest speaker.

Mount Pizza.
Those summer niiiiiiiights...
Summer sun, something's begun, but - oh! - those summer nights...
Bogey over on the right!
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