Machinarium devs now bring you Botanicula

And it looks absolutely glorious. Czech development team Amanita Design have a knack for creating unique gaming experiences. If the gameplay experiences themselves aren’t exactly unique, then the worlds in which those experiences take place definitely are. Take Machinarium for example: it was a point-and-click adventure game with bundles of tricksy puzzles thrown in, but the art design, characters and fan-bloody-tastic music made the whole package undeniably memorable.

Some time ago the dev team announced that they were working on three projects. One was a very odd “game” that channelled, well, God knows what really. It was weird. Their latest proper game is on the horizon: Botanicula.

Dubbed a “point-and-click exploration game”, Botanicula sees you guiding a group of five little creatures as they try to fix an ailing tree. The tree and all other life forms living in it are in danger thanks to the nefarious activities of creepy, spider-like entities. And if I sound a little overjoyed about all of this it’s because I totally am. Hit the jump for the teaser trailer.

Botanicula looks to blend elements of Machinarium with Amanita’s earlier titles like Samorost. The game will feature lots of screen exploration (ala Samorost) with more point-and-click elements like those found in Machinarium.

There’s an overarching organic theme spread throughout Botanicula, and even the music and sound effects have been made to blend and harmonize with the events you cause on-screen.

If you’ve played Amanita’s recent offerings then you’ll know why Botanicula is a reason to get excited. If you’ve yet to look into what this phenomenal indie team is capable of doing, then I highly recommend you check out Samorost here. Alternatively you can check out Machinarium on Steam and even the App Store if you own an iPad 2 – honestly I cannot recommend the game enough. /gushing.


Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun