Official Xbox Live App hits the App Store

Along with the fancy new Xbox 360 Dashboard update (which is live and available right now) Microsoft has released an official iOS App for all Apple devices. The App is called My Xbox Live and it’s available for free right now.

It’s a very neat Xbox Live client, with a slick interface designed to mimic its big brother’s layout on the actual Xbox 360 console. With it you’ll have access to your Xbox Live profile (including your Avatar which you can customise through the App), Game Library and of course all of your Achievements so you can flash your Gamerscore e-peen wherever you go! You can also set Beacons, add or remove Friends and send messages. Everything is extremely well laid out and easy to find, but in case you get lost there’s a built-in search function.

On top of all of this, all of Microsoft’s official Xbox video series are available. Shows like Inside Xbox, Insider Moves and more are all accessible via the App. Some of the more community driven aspects of Xbox Live are there too like online polls and Microsoft’s Gamer Spotlight. Plus, you know, it makes all of the Xbox 360 noises when you navigate, so if you’re suffering Xbox 360 withdrawal you can just swipe around the App and imagine you’re at home in front of your TV.