Fortnite is Epic’s new IP

Man, that Spike TV Video Game Awards show certainly had its fair share of reveals. Sure, we knew about them prior to the show, but we didn’t know about them if you get what I mean.

Epic’s new IP is called Fortnite and it looks like a co-operative survival shooter. Thanks to the game’s cartoony style, you wouldn’t say it was an Epic IP just by looking at it (unless we’re talking Jazz Jackrabbit era Epic). Still, it’s a nice change from the gritty, Unreal Engine stuff we’ve had from Epic for the last couple of years.

Speaking at a press conference after the Spike TV VGAs, Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski said that “shooting is in [Fortnite], but it’s really not what the game is all about. It’s really a game that is more about survival than anything else.” Oh, and Minecraft. Hit the jump for the trailer and more on what’s been revealed so far.

The premise behind Fortnite is this: you play as a group tasked with building up your defences during the day, before hordes of zombies and other monsters descend on you at night. The building aspect of the game is resource gathering dependent and it will be free-form. This is where the Minecraft comparisons come in, something the game’s lead designer (Lee Perry) is not afraid of admitting.

Perry also confirmed (via Twitter) that you’ll only be constructing buildings, and not practically anything like in Minecraft. He also confirmed that the building is “freeform construction” so there will be no set templates and such, and you won’t be merely boarding up holes in existing structures.

The game will also feature weapon and trap crafting, character levelling, rare loot drops, underground exploration and boss fights.

Epic has confirmed that they’re still looking for a publisher, so the VGA reveal was as much a publisher pitch as it was a “hey look at this cool game we’re making”.

Source: Eurogamer & Kotaku

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