The Last of Us is a Naughty Dog PS3 exclusive

About a week before the Spike TV Video Game Awards 2011 (which happened this last Saturday), Sony teased The Last of Us, a new PlayStation 3 exclusive that’s on the way. We were given a live-action teaser made up of a series of clippings of mob violence and mass hysteria as a result of what looked like an outbreak of a disease.

Visiting the game’s website showed an additional clip of an ant being attacked by some parasite that took over the little guy’s body and turned it into, well, a zombie ant I guess.

It’s now been revealed that Naughty Dog, Sony’s poster boy development house for PlayStation 3 exclusives, is in charge of developing this new game. The debut trailer paints an impressive but all too familiar picture of you having to survive a mutant/zombie/god-knows-what outbreak. Still, it looks very impressive (the entire trailer is done using the game engine) and the overtones of I Am Legend are a win. Hit the jump for the trailer.