Half-Life 3 hints hidden in Wheatley VGA video?

The award for Character of the Year at the recent Spike TV Video Game Awards had a bunch of nominees: Joker (he won!), Nathan Drake, Marcus Fenix and Wheatley from Portal 2. Each nomination was prefixed by a custom made introductory video; a nice touch and you can see each of them after the jump.

While each clip was quite clever (and did a good job of decimating the fourth wall) the clip of Portal 2’s Wheatley has drummed up a considerable amount of speculation. Why? Well, it’s a Valve video so what’d you expect?

In the video, Wheatley floats in space and is being watched by a Russian observation satellite. Just above Wheatley you’ll see Russian text that translates to “OBSERVATION SATELLITE “LANTHANUM”. What the hell is Lanthanum? It’s element number 57 on the periodic table, but what’s more interesting is its name in Greek.

When converted into Greek text, Lanthanum is λανθανω. And, (no ways!) what’s that first symbol in Greek there? That’s Lambda, or as most will recognise it: the Half-Life symbol. To add fuel to the speculation fire, Wheatley tries to give his co-ordinates at the end of the video but only managers to say “one, one, one” before the video feed cuts. Add all of those together and you’ve got three, which obviously points to Valve making Half-Life 3. I mean, obviously!

[youtube]8cK_PpIpLv0[/youtube] [youtube]Dy6hOHhkVpg[/youtube] [youtube]9PVrnvyd7-8[/youtube] [youtube]on6vEyv53KI[/youtube]

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun