Commander & Conquer is about to kill your productivity

HTML 5 – it’s going to spell the death of workplace productivity. Did you know that thanks to the über wizardry and magic behind HTML 5, you can play full-on games in your web browser? Of course you did! Do you know who else knew that? Electronic Arts, that’s who. They knew it so well that they’re bringing a special brand of Command & Conquer right to your web browser.

Not so long ago, it was revealed that EA had registered a bunch of Command & Conquer themed domain names. Everyone thought these domain registrations were for the soon to be announced BioWare Command & Conquer game. They totally weren’t and it turns out that EA has a browser based RTS MMO in the pipelines called Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances.

The game is set in the Tiberium iteration of the C&C universe (in case the title didn’t give that away) and is being developed by EA Phenomic, which is the development team behind the Spellforce series. You’ll be able to team up with or take on your friends as you battle in a “worldwide war for precious resources”. The game’s official website is yet to go live, but will be offering beta sign-ups soon.

Source: Eurogamer