Viacom issues take down notices for Spike TV VGA trailers

Media conglomerate Viacom (Video & Audio Communications) has issued YouTube with copyright infringement notifications on many of the videos associated with the Spike TV Video Game Awards show. Some of the debut trailers have been removed citing “a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc.”

In case the amount of stupid wasn’t clear enough, the official website for The Last of Us proudly displays the copyright claim where the trailer for THEIR OWN GAME used to be. On top of this, Kotaku, which was present at the Spike TV VGAs, was hit with take-down notices for footage that they captured of the show.

This is obviously an issue for Sony’s publicity for the newly announced Naught Dog game, not to mention general publicity for the actual awards show.

Sony has since put up their own copy of the trailer on YouTube, which we’ve updated as well in our initial post. A Sony rep told Kotaku that they were “sorry for the inconvenience” and that they hoped the issue would be resolved soon.

Surely this kind of lawyer stupidity is going to damage the future of the show? If I was a developer or publisher, I’d think twice about using the VGAs as a platform for new announcements if super-lawyers were only going to remove all publicity a few days later. Stupid!

Source: Kotaku