Yep, Alan Wake is heading to PC

I think it was what, yesterday or something that we mentioned rumours circulating about Remedy’s Alan Wake finally heading to PC? Well turns out said rumours were totally correct, which makes sense seeing as they were based on an unearthing of Alan Wake mentions on the Steam Content System Record Viewer… thing. I still have no idea what that system does, but man it sounds cool.

So yes, good news then! After two years of waiting, the glorious master race will finally get to play Alan Wake. If you were one of the many understandably irate and scorned PC gamers who shunned all coverage of Alan Wake back when it first released, you might have missed NAG’s review. It’s here if you’re interested.

The best part about all of this news is that both lots of DLC will be included for free in the PC version. Consider it a “sorry we kept you waiting for two years” consolation prize. Each lot of DLC adds a good two hours to the already twelve to fifteen hour game. No actual release date or final price has been confirmed, but we’re guessing the PC version will hit Steam more or less around the same time as Alan Wake: American Nightmare hits Xbox Live.

Source: Joystiq