Mafia Wars prompts sweet old lady to embezzle $166 000

There’s no actual way to tell whether she was a sweet old lady, but being 54 and having a name like Bettysue Higgins certainly helps conjure images of the Golden Girls.

Bettysue used to work as an assistant at a law firm – she’s since, understandably, been fired. During her employment however, she managed to pocket $166 000 (about R1.3 million) using company cheques and forging her boss’s signature. That money then got deposited into her account and used to pay for her YoVille and Mafia Wars habit.

She was employed for four years and during that time managed to write 220 forged cheques. Not all of that $166 000 was used for Zynga’s social games though, but the cash that was used for Facebook games was the cash that eventually landed her in trouble.  Zing!(ah… I’ll let myself out.)

Source: Kotaku