Syndicate reboot banned in Australia

I think I get a kick out of writing these “Australia hates fun, bans game XYZ” pieces – not sure why. Anyway, it’s the same old thing going on here: Australia lacks a game rating any higher than 15+ and therefore, when the odd game comes along that’s far too gory for little Bruce to play, they deny it classification.

This time around it’s Electronic Arts’ turn to have a game effectively banned in the land down under. The upcoming Syndicate reboot is a little violent and is well deserving of an 18 age restriction. There’s no such thing in Australia and so the game can’t be sold there.

If you need a reminder on just how violent EA and Starbreeze Studios’ take on the Syndicate franchise is, then hit the video bellow. Yeah, that dude just totally got stabbed in the eye.


Source: Kotaku Australia