Is Relic working on Company of Heroes 2?

Relic makes some of today’s best real-time strategy games. Sadly, when we say “today’s” we really mean the Dawn of War franchise because it’s been ages since the development team looked at one of their other RTS series.

In 2006, along with publisher THQ, Relic brought Company of Heroes to the RTS scene. It is one of the most fantastic real-time strategy games ever made and at the time it was woefully under appreciated. That might be because of its World War setting; if people side stepped it for that reason then they honestly missed out.

According to the latest edition of PC Gamer magazine, Relic is rumoured to be working on a full-on sequel to 2006’s Company of Heroes. For fans of the original and its expansion, that’s fantastic news. This development is supposedly going one while the team works on another Dawn of War game as well. Now if Relic would just add Homeworld 3 to that to-do list then we can all pass out it unison from overexcitement.

Source: Kotaku