PSA: Skyrim patched to 1.3.1 on PC

Well this update clearly has a very high Sneak skill; that or Bethesda felt it needed no fanfare with its release. If you’ve fired up Skyrim on PC recently, you might have noticed an update trickling down through Steam. The game has been updated to version 1.3.1 and the patch brings with it a welcomed change.

According to Bethesda’s release notes for the patch, they’ve added support for 4GB of RAM. Hooray! No more relying on third party modifications that then get nuked with each update of the game. If you’ve got more than the game’s minimum requirement of 2GB of RAM then you’ll notice an increase in performance.

Not sure why this wasn’t included when the game launched. Nevertheless, it’s here now so we can all stop bitching about it. You can check out the really, really brief release notes on Bethesda’s official blog.

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