Dolphins destroy man’s new PS Vita

Sony’s new handheld, the PlayStation Vita, hit Japanese retail stores a few days ago. As is the norm when new hardware launches, there’s been a bit of a teething period as new users have reported freezes, crashes and glitches with dolphins. Wait, what?

One unlucky PSV owner has uploaded a video of the most bizarre crash/bug/OMGit’sbroken example we’ve seen so far. Ordinarily systems freeze or the touch screen stops responding, but in this case this poor bloke is stuck looking at four dolphins and a clam – forever.

It’s not clear what’s caused this, whether it’s legit and what exactly it is. Most people reckon it’s some debug mode that the unit has inadvertently accessed. Whatever it is, the guy’s PSV is now useless because judging from the video, he cannot get out of this mode at all. So just like the Xbox 360 had the Red Ring of Death, I hereby christen the PSV’s equivalent as the Four Dolphins of Doom. Fear them, for they will devour your new toy’s soul and squeak maniacally while doing so. Hit the jump for the video.


Source: Joystiq