Gear 3 DLC brings Re-Up

The Fenix Rising DLC hits Gears of War 3 on 17 January 2012. It’s going to bring with it five new maps (Academy, Anvil, Depths, Escalation and The Slab) as well as new skins for both COG and Locust forces.

Coming along for the ride is a new aspect that’ll give veteran Gears players sleepless nights. The Re-Up system is similar to what you’d find in Call of Duty multiplayer: when you hit the maximum level you get some shiny notification and then get to restart your skill level climb. Because nothing says “you’ve made it” quite like seeing your ranking reset to level 1.

With the Fenix Rising DLC the moment you hit level 100, which I have on excellent authority (ie: Tarryn) would take hundreds of hours, your level cap will reset and you’ll get to start all over again. You do get kudos indications like specific Rank Icons and weapon skins; you’ll be able to Re-Up a total of three times, which will grant you Bronze, Red and Gold Rank Icons in that order. Get cracking so that by the time January rolls around you can hit the new DLC with a Bronze Rank Icon at level 1.

Source: Kotaku