If only Wheatley had won a VGA


The Spike TV Video Game Award for Character of the Year is a coveted title. We all know Joker won for his, uhhh, role in Arkham City, but he was up against equally awesome game characters like Nathan Drake, Marcus Fenix and Wheatley from Portal 2.

Obviously each developer had to make an acceptance speech for their character in case they actually won the award. As luck would have it, all of the acceptance speeches have found their way online so even though Drake, Wheatley and Marcus were pipped at the post by Bats’ long-time nemesis, we can still imagine what it would have been like had our personal favourite of the bunch actually won.

This is Wheatley’s acceptance speech; in about thirty seconds time the internet will have ripped it apart for any clues regarding Valve’s other franchises. If you’re not one for all the crackpot “decoding” of EVERYTHING Valve does online, then just hit the play button for a good chuckle. And then hit the jump for two more acceptance speeches; Marcus’s is particularly heartfelt and moving. Oh and maybe hurry before Viacom issues take-down notices for these as well.

[youtube]1FD62GkTZZs[/youtube] [youtube]Uk4FugSxclw[/youtube]

Via: Rock, Paper, Shotgun