3DS outsells PSV during launch week

News from Japan’s hardware sales chart indicates that despite the hype around the launch of Sony’s new handheld, the PSV didn’t manage to outsell Nintendo’s 3DS. Sony’s new handheld launched on Saturday 17 December and by the end of the week (ie the next day) it had sold 324 859 out of the initial 500 000 units shipped.

Media Create, the Japanese hardware sales monitor, is reporting that the 3DS sold 367 691 units during the week of 12-18 December – the PSV’s launch week. This puts the 3DS at the top of the hardware sales chart in Japan, a position it’s earned largely thanks to new titles like Monster Hunter Tri-G and Mario Kart 7. The PSV is sitting at second place on the sales charts for the week.

Many are pointing to this as an early indication as to how the PSV will perform against the 3DS. Not sure why considering that it only had two days to rack up that 324 859 figure, whereas the 3DS had an entire week to sell 367 691. Incidentally, the top selling PSV game so far in Japan is Hot Shots Golf, with Uncharted: Golden Abyss trailing just behind.

Source: Gamasutra

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