Dreadnoughts coming to purge the unclean?

Here’s some good news for fans of THQ’s third-person action game Space Marine. Developer Relic tweeted the above screenshot saying that they have a “big metal surprise coming to @SpaceMarine in January”.

Whether or not we’ll get to play as a Dreadnought or just have them as AI teammates is not certain; at this time all we have to go on is that one tweet and screenshot. In an ideal world we’ll get some single-player DLC in which you play as a Dreadnought ripping through waves of Chaos Marine bastards; at least then we won’t have to hear Orks shouting “Space Marines!” every three seconds… because we’d be a Dreadnought, and there wouldn’t be any Orks. Ideal!

Space Marine wasn’t a bad experience insofar as action games go; you can check out our review here. It certainly wasn’t going to win any Game of the Year awards, but it was definitely worth a playthrough especially for fans of the Warhammer 40K universe. We’ll update you as soon as Relic and THQ reveal more about this possible Dreadnought DLC.

Source: Game Informer