Guns don’t kill people, Xbox Live Avatars kill people

Word on the street is that Microsoft is about to roll out an amendment to the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace. That amendment cancels out the one that gives Avatars the right to bear arms. And by arms we mean those little props that resemble guns and stuff, not their, you know, actual arms.

If you have ever been ummming and uhhhing as to the merits of dropping 320 MS Points on a Gears of War Lancer for your Xbox 360 Avatar, then you have until midnight of 31 December 2011 to decide. As of 01 January 2012, no guns or “gun-like” props will be permitted on the Avatar Marketplace and all existing gun props will be removed. If you’ve bought one already then you’ll still be able to use it so don’t panic, if this is anything worth panicking about anyway.

This probably has something to do with the whole family-friendly ethos that Microsoft is re-skinning the Xbox 360 with. You know what would help when re-skinning anything? The chainsaw part of a Lancer; makes getting off the old skin so much easier. Just saying, Microsoft.

Source: Kotaku