Game rumour time: God of War IV; Lords of Shadow 2

It seemed like a waste to split two perfectly juicy game rumours into two posts; think of this as a double cheese burger then.

The producer of the original Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, David Cox, often tweets links to articles on the first game. He recently sent out a tweet that contained a link to a website featuring an article about wanting a sequel to Lords of Shadow. He prefixed the tweeted link with “Tweeted without comment :)”. Read into that what you will, but after the total mind-screw that was the ending of Lords of Shadow, it seems a sequel is pretty much a given. If you haven’t played Castlevania: Lords of Shadow then punch yourself in the nose as punishment and play the game now!

As for God of War IV this rumour seems a little more solid. Composer Timothy Williams recently updated his online CV to include videogames he’s composed the music for. Included on the list is “God of War IV (upcoming)” alongside titles that are already out like Rise of the Argonauts and DOTA. It’s kind of obvious that Sony wouldn’t want one of the biggest franchises to end after only a single outing on the PlayStation 3.

Source: Game Informer 1 and 2