A few days ago the online activist (or hacktivisit) group Anonymous issued another one of their slightly creepy yet slightly cheesy video messages to Sony. That message announced various operations that the group had initiated and at the time the intention was to “destroy” Sony’s online presence as a response to the Japanese company’s support of the pending SOPA bill.

Naturally that kind of talk bummed out a lot of PlayStation users as the implication was that the PSN was about to be hacked once again. Fortunately it seems as if there was some dissension in the ranks of Anonymous, because that plan has now changed.

According to website PlayStationLifestyle.net, Anonymous has since switched focus from a general attack on Sony’s online infrastructure, to a more focused attack on aspects of it which excludes the PSN. Oh and they’re also going to “dox” (locate personal information on) Sony executives.

This all came to light via the group’s IRC, which featured a welcome message saying “Hello, and welcome to Operation Sony! | Must kill SONY for siding with destroying our lovely home (The Internet). Let’s give them hell.”

That welcome message has since been changed to “NO SOPA! NO ATTACK ON PSN!” If that wasn’t clear enough, a further explanation appeared saying, “That means we are NOT touching the Play Station Network. Don’t mention it again!”

PlayStationLifestyle.net reports that this change of strategy is a result of a huge debate that started shortly after the initial video message was issued. Apparently Anonymous members have since realised that demolishing the PSN causes a considerable amount of negative publicity amongst gamers.

Insofar as the “doxing” is concerned, that has already started with some Sony executives finding all of their personal information (including full credit card details) online. As PlayStationLifestyle.net points out, this is really unfair considering that not all Sony employees have a say in the company’s political standpoint.

It’s worth remembering that Anonymous has no chain of command at all, so while a portion of the group has resolved not to attack the PSN, there’s no telling what another portion of Anonymous might do. For now, at least, it seems as if we won’t have to bear the brunt of their crusade against Sony. Still I’d sort out those PSN passwords if you haven’t already.

Source: PlayStationLifestyle.net

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