Diablo III global release date could be delayed

That’s right, we’re talking about a hold-up to a release date that nobody even knows about yet! Blizzard has always planned to release Diablo III to the slavering masses on a single release date across the world. Global release dates are a little tricky because you have to juggle each country’s rating system and unique legal requirements. One country with fairly unique legal red tape also happens to be the country in which Blizzard games are practically national pastimes.

South Korea and their stringent anti-gambling laws might (let’s stress this again: MIGHT) just hold up the global release date of one of 2012’s most anticipated titles. This realisation comes via one of the country’s news outlets, The Korean Times.

According to the news outlet, the Korean governmental Games Rating Board is uncertain as to whether it’ll give Diablo III a rating. Their reasoning is simple: the game’s auction house. According to the ratings board, the auction house is too close to gambling and as a result the Games Rating Board committee members are at odds about the rating.

This isn’t the first time that Blizzard has had to resubmit a ratings proposal for Diablo III.On 22 December 2011 they submitted a new version of the game to the South Korean ratings board which removed the option to convert auction house currency into real-world currency. It seems, however, that this is still not enough to appease the country’s strict requirements.

I wouldn’t panic too much; we still have no clue when this game will be coming out so it’s not like we’d even know if Blizzard had decided to delay it due to this South Korean speed bump. What’s more, there’s no reason why Blizzard wouldn’t delay just the South Korean release because of this.

Source: IncGamers
Via: Kotaku