SWTOR’s immortality boogie gets killed tomorrow


In case you don’t know by now, there’s a Travolta-inspired method of avoiding damage in Star Wars MMO The Old Republic. If you’re getting your Rebel Scum ass handed to you (or Sith ass handed to you if you’re playing Empire I guess) then all you need to do is type in the following emote: “/getdown”. Any incoming damage is automatically negated as your character dances in the face of death. Hit play above to see this in action; feel free to cringe as well.

This sneaky exploit clearly managed to slink past the weeks of beta testing, but its days are numbered. BioWare has announced a patch that will be thrust out onto the internet “sometime in the early hours of the morning tomorrow (CST)”. So if you were planning on shovelling Froot Loops down your gullet and cackling with glee as your Bounty Hunter gets his Saturday Night Fever on tomorrow morning, think again.

If all goes well for BioWare, by tomorrow morning local time this exploit will be deader than MJ in a propafol factory. And damn it man, now I want Froot Loops.

Source: Eurogamer