Dark Souls fans petition for a PC release

The toughest game of 2011 was a console exclusive, but if fans of the series get their way then Namco Bandai will be releasing Dark Souls on the PC as well. This has stemmed from a post over on the official Namco Bandai forums; the post was written by a Namco employee. In that post the employee teases the “possibilities” of Dark Souls hitting PC, stating that “a successful petition” might persuade the game’s publisher.

Internet petitions aren’t exactly the most effective way of getting things done, but they certainly are a good means of gauging interest in a particular topic. As such, somebody took this Namco employee’s suggestion and started the petition.

Within two days the petition has managed to gather over 43 000 signatures. It has more than doubled since I checked on it yesterday afternoon. If you’re a PC-only gamer and you feel the need to inflict hours and hours of soul destroying, tough as hell gameplay on yourself, then add your name. You never know, this might be one of the rare online petitions with a happy ending. Namco Bandai is listening, but has since stated that they have no official comment on the matter. Is that a good thing?

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun