PS3 gamers, your Skyrim might be fixed soon

Good news for those of you slaying dragons at 12 frames per second on your PlayStation 3: Bethesda has announced via Twitter that the upcoming patch 1.4 for their RPG masterpiece (well, masterpiece on PC and Xbox 360 at least) will be “addressing” the PS3 lag issue.

Patch 1.4 for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be hitting at some point this month. This will hopefully fix the advanced save game file issue that’s been crippling PS3 users’ progress. The experience-destroying bug doesn’t seem to affect all PS3 users, but a lot have reported that the game’s frame rate drops the older their save game file gets.

Until the time that Bethesda releases 1.4 to the console masses, you can watch this totally hilarious Skyrim: 2012 clip. It follows the shopping expedition of brothers Justin and John, and re-imagines what life would be like if it was more like Skyrim. Answer after the jump.


Source: Kotaku
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