Glimpse 40 seconds of I Am Alive gameplay

Ubisoft’s upcoming disaster survival game I Am Alive is hitting Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store in the coming months – in fact, it’s one of the titles for Xbox Live’s “House Party” promotional push that should kick off around late February if previous promos are anything to go by.

The download only game has remained somewhat of an enigma, often disappearing for months only to resurface again to offer tiny glimpses but no real gameplay. Well, here’s a smidgeon of just that: some gameplay footage fresh out of CES 2012.

There’s certainly a lot of grey going on in there, which I suppose is acceptable considering it’s a game that plays against the backdrop of surviving an urban disaster. Looks like there’s a hefty dose of Prince of Persia climbing mechanics as well. I remain cautiously optimistic. Hit the jump to watch the main character, umm, jump around, a lot.


Via: IGN